Million Tree Challenge

If you care about the environment, then you better check this out!


Million Tree Challenge.

We Support Mental Health!

We Support Mental Health!.

Welcome to The Community Fundraiser!

New Blog worth checking out, integrating charity with business!


Welcome to The Community Fundraiser!.


StickNFind tracking sticker

Saw this a few days ago… Need it, want it, getting it. Hopefully I won’t lose my keys again… Or as often


I came across this quote a while back..

“He who is brave is free”


Creativity By Location



We all run into bumps and blocks on the road to creativity. Personally, being situated in a fixed environment with little to no change can be totally nullifying when trying to get the creative juices flowing. I like to get out and hang around somewhere public and go people watching. That is one of my favourite activities. Seeing the marriage of fashion and persona, unique to each and every individual is fascinating (and pretty damn weird sometimes).

I would define creativity with 3 words – Ideation by imagination. It’s the process of generating totally original ideas, then delivering them through whatever means necessary. Whether it’s art, architecture, design, etc… They all stem from an idea.

What drives creativity? What sparks the imagination?

I started following a really cool platform (yet to be released) on Twitter the other day – The Coffice. They describe themselves as follows:

[Coffice]: a conjunction of the words “coffee” and “office”; a term to describe the local coffee store that is utilized as a place for performing daily work-related tasks; a location for non-office dwelling workers to create nontraditional work environments in which to conduct their business.

The beautifully unique part of this online platform is that you can sign in from anywhere(to my knowledge)! This is an ideal application for those who desire a change of scenery.

Interaction in a lively atmosphere breathes life into my work. It helps to keep in mind the world around and further connects me to what really matters – the consumer. Adapting your work environment to create a space conducive to creativity is not a defiance of normalcy, but rather a repositioning of the bricks and mortar that build success (literally). I deliver better results because I found a method that works. Changing location on the frequent keeps my mind sharp and opens my eyes to everything around.

Now, I’m off to the next coffee shop. Let me know if you’re in the same boat!

10 Crazy New Products


I read this article early AM.  Some of the products seem to be a little bit far fetched… Others are truly innovative and awesome.  I’m sold on the BioLite!  Check out the link to see the other 9.